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Neck Pain

Do You Have Chronic Neck Pain? There’s a Doctor Near You

Most people experience neck pain at least once in their lives. Typically, this type of pain is produced by overuse, poor posture, or sports injuries. It usually goes away easily with rest, physical therapy, and medication, but in some cases, it can last for several weeks. If that’s your case, you may need to visit a neck pain doctor near you.

When to see a pain specialist
If you have severe pain with no obvious cause and it lasts more than a week.

Warning signs
Numbness, headache, weakness, fever, nausea, loss of mobility.

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What Causes Neck Pain?

Typical causes
Common neck pain is often caused by poor posture while working or sleeping, injuries, or muscle strains.

Related conditions
Other causes of neck pain are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis.

Age-related causes
With age, the cervical discs in your neck thin. This adds stress to the bones, which puts pressure on the nerves.

Treating Chronic Neck Pain

Defining the best treatment plan for your neck pain depends on several factors. In our pain clinics, our neck pain specialists need to analyze your medical history, perform a physical exam and, in some cases, even perform other tests before reaching a conclusion. One of the therapies they may recommend are injections.

neck pain treatmentneck pain treatment

Important Facts About Injections

Cortisone injections

Cortisone works by reducing inflammation in the affected area.

Facet joint injections

Used to treat pain in the joints that connect the bones in the spinal cord.

Epidural steroid injections

Often used to treat neck pain produced by a pinched nerve.

FAQ About Injections

How do injections work to treat neck pain?

  • Cortisone injections. These injections consist of a mixture of cortisone and a local anesthetic, which is injected directly into the affected area. Cortisone works by reducing the inflammatory response to whatever is causing the pain.
    This type of injection can help relieve neck pain when it’s produced by stained muscles or pinched nerves.
  • Facet joint injections. If you have joint pain in the neck produced by inflammation or irritation of the joints that connect your vertebrae, one of our pain doctors may recommend facet joint injections.
    This combination of local anesthesia and corticosteroids is injected directly into the affected joint.
  • Cervical epidural steroid injections. These are injected in the area of the spine known as epidural space.
    Epidural injections are usually performed to relieve pain produced by inflammation around the nerves in the neck. This can be caused by conditions like osteoarthritis.

In which cases do doctors recommend injections for neck pain?

This depends on the nature and duration of your pain, as well as other factors. Usually, doctors recommend pain injections when traditional approaches like medication and physical therapy haven’t worked.

Am I a good candidate for injections?

Your pain doctor needs to fully understand your medical history before recommending this or any other therapy. You should inform them if you take any medication (especially blood thinners), also if you have any infection or allergies.

However, most people can benefit from injections.

Do injections to treat neck pain have side effects?

Side effects are very rare.

Nevertheless, there’s a possibility of side effects, such as pain in the injected area, elevated blood sugar, flushing, and infection. These side effects are temporary.

Can I repeat shots if required?

You can have several sessions of injections. You should discuss the number of injections with your doctor.

Does this procedure require preparation?

Preparation for each one of these injections may vary, which is why your doctor will give you specific instructions before the procedure.

However, because all of them use a local anesthetic, most cases require you to avoid food for some hours.

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