You Shouldn´t Live with Back Pain

These times are full of working from home routines and spending countless hours in a chair attending meetings. Because of this, back pain might arise and start causing inconveniences to your day-to-day life, regardless of your age or occupation.

We know how debilitating back pain can be. It is a recurrent condition for people in the world, and it can affect your life quality and routine, besides your overall wellness. Although some types of back pain can be treated with physical therapy, exercise, painkillers, and rest, in other cases further medical help is needed.

One of the treatment ptions for your back conditions is injections. We'd like to talk a few about them so that you are informed and assess if they might be an option for you. Although some people may not like them, it is well known that injections are a useful form of therapy to help you get rid of your pain.

Our minimally invasive procedures will help you to not only feel comfortable during them but also alleviate your pain for months to come. Back pain injections are a treatment option in our pain treatment centers, as we have experts who can help you treat your back issues.

Before telling you about what are the types of injections for back pain, let´s first discuss what back pain is.


Do You Know About Back Pain and What Causes It?

No pain should be ignored. Unfortunately, back pain can get worse over time and produce complications in other parts of the body. This condition may be caused by occurrences such as accidents, fractures, muscle strains, or ligament strains.

This type of pain can also happen because of structural problems pre-existing in your body. Patients that suffer from arthritis, bulging, ruptured discs, sciatica, and abnormal curvature of the spine may also develop back pain.

According to our experience, the discomfort caused by back pain is especially common in the lower back: this is known as lumbago. Some specific things that might trigger it are smoking, having a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, poor posture, sports injuries, old age, genetics, fatiguing physical activities, and other medical conditions.

Having a back or spine surgery is another factor that might come into play, as these procedures tend to mess with your back nerves. However, even with surgeries, a patient's back pain can be treated with numerous options, and injections are one of them.

A warning sign you should consider how much the pain lingers in your body, and how much you tolerate it. If, for example, you have a car or a working accident, be aware of when the pain appears in your back, and if it gets worse with time. If painkillers and rest don't provide relief, you should go and see a doctor.

Besides the intensity and the lingering of the pain, it’s important to keep an eye on additional symptoms like fever or bowel or bladder issues. These are all signs to seek medical help.

If the pain isn´t going away it's affecting your lifestyle, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our specialists. Start considering this after a few weeks of discomforting pain.

You should also go see your doctor if you feel that the back pain is causing weakness in your body, or if it starts radiating to your legs.


Treatment Options Available in Our Healing Centers

At Premier we value the wellness and life quality of our patients. Once our doctors start evaluating you, they will be able to determine which kind of treatment will be the best for relieving your back pain. Sometimes, injections are not needed.

Keep in mind that back pain injections are an excellent alternative to be used once other strategies don´t work. Our pain specialists will determine the best course of action depending on your specific case and needs. This is why it is so important to have a previous consultation before any kind of procedure.

If you are a fit candidate for the injections, one of our experts will perform the procedures in our cutting-edge technology healing centers in the USA. We are located in multiple locations in New Jersey (NJ) And Pennsylvania (PA). Check out our treatment centers and find out which one is the nearest to you here.

We offer different types of treatment for back pain, and the best option for you depens your specific case. Here is what they are about:

Epidural Spinal Steroid Shots

These are used to help you get better at different kinds of pain, depending on their location and intensity. Our experts can use epidural shots on you either when your pain is located on your high or low back. The steroids applied to your body can start working in about two to seven days, and their healing effects can last for up to three months.

In some cases, epidural spinal steroid injections can be the definitive solution to your back pain. Accompanied by good posture and therapy, these shots might eliminate your pain completely.

This is a procedure that only lasts a couple of hours. You can even go home the same day, after an hour or so of the injection.

When it comes to steroid injections, some treatments may be used depending on your specific case and symptoms. A lumbar epidural injection focuses on the lower part of your back, and it can also be used to ease the pain that has radiated your legs. A caudal epidural steroid injection can also be used in this case.

A lumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injection, on the other hand, is usually used on the upper and medium back. Our doctors may recommend this type of treatment if you´re suffering from sciatica, which means that the source of your pain is the sciatic nerve.

Nerve Blocking Injections

Sometimes your pain is located specifically in one of your back nerves. As these are long nerves located near the spine, the pain might be intense.

Nerve blocks or neuronal blockades consist of our experts isolating the painful nerve, injecting a type of anesthetic to ease the pain. The blocked nerve will not hurt anymore for some time, and the procedure won't numb the rest of your back, so you can return to your normal life.

These procedures can also be used as a diagnostic tool for other conditions. Nerve blocking can also serve as an intermediate treatment to further heal your back with other options.

Facet joint injections

Similar to a neuronal blockade, our experts will find the source of your pain and isolate that part of your body. Your doctor will then inject anesthesia and numb the area, providing immediate relief. This procedure focuses on your facet joints, which are located throughout your back.

When the anesthesia effects wear off, components of the medication contained on the injections will help relieve the stress of your back in a matter of a couple of weeks. The procedure may need an X-ray or computed tomography to locate the exact source of the pain.


Injections for Back Pain

When rest and other passive treatments don't work for your back pain, your doctor will start evaluating the possibilities that may suit your case. Accompanied by physical therapy and exercise, the shots will start to diminish the pain and inflammation in your back area.

Back injections can be a very useful tool for your doctor to treat inflammation, nerve damage, or spinal stenosis. These are different conditions that have to be evaluated by an expert, as each patient’s case is different.

Depending on the patient, the effects of injections may even last for months. With the right expert treatment and constant physical therapy, the pain-relieving effect of the injections can be long-lasting.

According to experts, there are no serious side effects to having shots applied to your back. However, you might experience some soreness and a little pain in the area of the injection. In some cases, headaches, nausea, vomiting, increased blood sugar and insomnia can also happen after one of the procedures.

In very rare cases, injections may cause bleeding and infection. Your doctor will speak to you about the benefits and risks before the procedure. . They will also thoroughly evaluate your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for injections.

Tired of living with constant back pain? Find relief at our pain management centers. Premier focuses on providing an optimal experience for patients to help them improve their quality of life. Schedule your appointment and start getting better now.


FAQ About back injections

Do back injections hurt?

Before the procedures, our experts can apply local anesthesia in the area. With this, you won´t feel anything during the injection.

Do injections work for high back and low back pain?

Yes. We have different types of procedures, specialized in specific regions of the back. With a consultation with our experts, you´ll be able to know which procedure is best for you.

What else do I need besides injections?

Back pain injections are an option to help you localize your pain and ease it. You should accompany them with physical therapy, rest, and other recommendations to make the effects long-lasting. You can discuss this with our experts.

Are injections completely necessary for my back pain?

Not always. Sometimes, depending on your specific case, other types of treatments might help you as well. Injections are used when the pain is consistent and doesn´t go away.

Schedule an appointment with our experts to know what is the best option for you.